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Steel spring air spring parts for trailer

Steel spring air spring parts for trailer

We are looking for sales agent of GENRON VEHICLE spare parts sales agent in each country !

Steel Spring for trailer axles:

A: Steel Spring (13*90w*10mm) equipped with 13T America type FUWA model suspension for all kinds of trailers.  

B: Steel Sping (12*100*16mm) equipped with 12T Germany type BPW model mechanical suspension for all kinds of trailers.

We choose the high quality Material. We can produce the steel spring according to customer requirement, and print your Logo on it.

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1. How we can do after sale service ? 

We have our own technical team, we will gave you repaired method within 12 hours through calling or email. We can go to visit you gave you technical guide after or before you buy ‘Genron’ products.

We will post to you all spare parts for free within guarantee period after the spare parts were out of work which are under normal operation. 

We can go to your place to teach your team how to operate the trailer or our machines . 

2. Our main target.

To build ‘Genron’ Maintenance department in every place where Genron products arrived. (We are looking for local cooperate also) We focus on Genron products can got repair within 24 hours in everywhere of the world. We did it in China, We are doing step by step out of China. 

3. How many cooperation company we have ?

Jianyu Special Vehicle Manufacture, CIMC Vehicle Manufacture, Tongya Vehicle Manufacture, Sino truck Manufacture, FUWA Vehicle Parts Maufacture, Jinsheng axles and suspension manufacture, and Genron Vehicle Parts Manufacture.


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