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Low bed semi trailer-detachable low bed semi trailer

Low bed semi trailer-detachable low bed semi trailer

 Product parameters


13000 × 2600 × 3100 mm  (Working height)

Loading Capacity (T)



11.5T, Fuwa Brand


 6.75 13pcs (Special for export market)


235 / 75R17.5 13PCS


Mechanical suspension (Germany Type or America Type) Or Air suspension (China brand or BPW brand ) (Special for export market)

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How to choose which kind of low bed semi-trailer suitable for you?


1. Loading capacity and which kind of material will you loading for is very important .

50 tons to 60 tons: You can choose 3 axles *11.5tons axles ( Working space can be lower than 13tons axles ) or 3 axles*13tons.the min. workspace height is about 900CM. The tire can be outside of bottom plate or inside of bottom like other common trailers. You can loading for some smaller size excavators, road rollers, or some rear dump trucks.
60 to 80 tons; It's better choose four axels (If you country can be use four or more axles) each axles 13tons is better. The working space is about Min. 970cm. the rear ramp can be man-hand control or hydraulic model. If you want to choose large wide ramp, It's better choose hydraulic ramp.
80tons to 100tons: This type should be choose the 3 lines-six short axles. totally 24tires. You can check this model in our website 
100tons to 120tons, Should be choose 4 lines-eight short axles, tires choose 8.25-20  totally 32 tires.


How to choose which kind of low bed semi-trailer suitable for you?

2. Huge special long trailer:
Attachable trailer body type: The body workspace can extending from 12 meters to 15 or 16 meters.
Dolly Trailer and long low bed trailers, the dolly can adding axles according to your loading capacity or your country road transport rules.


Spare parts show

Product parameters

Spring leaf


King pin


Support leg


Main beam

Height: 500mm, upper plate is 18mm, middle plate is 12mm, down plate is 18mm; Material is Q345B Steel.

Side beam

25 mm channel steel ( Material is Q235steel ).

Bottom Platform

5mm thickness diamond plate


The ladder is a piece with the same width of the semi trailer, hydraulic pressure (the lifting should be sufficient) (a pair of movable rotating locks can be removed on the ladder)


Shipping Item


A: This package for roro ship or bulk cargo ship delivery.

IF your order is more than three units or 6 or 9 can be package like this.

Pls check your destination port if there is bulk cargo port near to your city.

Disadvantage : The bulk cargo fee is a little expensive than the container fee.

Advantage: No need welding ,can be work directly after you received.




Shipping Item: B

If your order is two units flatbed trailer or double pieces  you can choose put two units into one 40HQ container for shipping , we will design one tail part connected by strong bolts ,after you received the trailer you should connecting them by strong bolts first and then welding the two parts together ,Its easily work for welding man.  


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