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How to choose which kind of low bed semi-trailer suitable for you?

How to choose which kind of low bed semi-trailer suitable for you?


● Loading capacity and which kind of material will you loading for is very important.

A. 50 tons to 60 tons: You can choose 3 axles *11.5tons axles (Working space can be lower than 13tons axles) or 3 axles*13tons. The min. workspace height is about 900CM. The tire can be outside of bottom plate or inside of bottom like other common trailers. You can loading for some smaller size excavators, road rollers, or some rear dump trucks.

B. 60 to 80 tons; Its better choose four axels (if you country can be use four or more axles ) each axles 13tons is better. The working space is about Min. 970cm. the rear ramp can be man-hand control or hydraulic model. If you want to choose large wide ramp, Its better choose hydraulic ramp.

C. 80tons to 100tons: This type should be choose the 3 lines-six short axles. Totally 24tires. You can check this model in our website

D. 100tons to 120tons, Should be choose 4 lines-eight short axles, tires choose 8.25-20  totally 32 tires.

● Huge special long trailer:

A: Attachable trailer body type: the body workspace can extending from 12 meters to 15 or 16 meters.

B: Dolly Trailer and long low bed trailers, the dolly can adding axles according to your loading capacity or your country road transport rules.

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