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7.How many kind of trailers can transport containers?

7.How many kind of trailers can transport containers?


1. You can choose 20ft skeleton semi-trailer only can be loading for one piece of 20ft containers.

2. You can choose one 40ft skeleton semi-trailer with 12 twist locks. This container transport trailer can loading for one 40ft container or 2 pieces of 20ft container. One container Max. loading capacity is 34tons, so this kind of skeleton semi trailer loading capacity is Min.60 tons.

3. Also, you can choose 40ft flat-bed container trailer with 12 container twist locks for delivery one 40ft container or two pieces of 20GP containers. Also the Loading Capacity can be Max.60tons. Also the flat bed trailer with front board wall, you can delivery bag cements or other cargos except containers.

4. Finally, you can choose 13m or 12.5m side wall semi-trailer install 12 container twist locks on it. If you want to transport containers you can do, if you want transport bags cement or coal, fruit, vegetables also ok.

Also you can choose four axles or three axels freely for this trailer according to your local road rules.

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