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Bulk Cement Powder Carrier Cement Tanker Trailer

Bulk Cement Powder Carrier Cement Tanker Trailer

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This cargo tanker trailer can loading for coal ash ,cement powder, lime powder ,Mineral powder etc, all the powder’s diameter less than 0.1mm . Also we can gave you the tanker trailer delivery for wheat powder as you wanted.

1. Which Material can be delivery by Bulk Cement Powder Carrier Tanker Trailer?

Before you buy a truck trailer, some trailer seller will ask you how many tons do you want to loading for one time? or how many cubic meters of the tanker do you want to buy ?

2. How you can sure how many cubic meters tanker trailer should be buy ?

Then we should to know the density of Cement powder is about 1.2 , then you can calculate out one 40 cubic meters tanker trailer can delivering 48tons cement powder .

3. How you can sure how many cubic meters tanker trailer should be buy ?

How we can know how Many axles of the tanker trailer we should to buy ?

As often, each country have some transport limit rules, for example: in south-east Asia and some Africa countries the ministry of transportation make the rules as one axle can loading 8 to 8.5 tons, such as one truck head have two drive axles and one bearing axles, equipped with three axles semi-trailer, then your truck trailer can loading for 49tons (truck trailer body net weight + bulk cargo weight ). You can only choose three axles in China or Korea, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and New Zealand for common semi-trailers. But you can adding more axles on your semi trailer for increase the loading capacity in some countries. You can choose fours axles semi-trailer in Malaysia, but in some Africa countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Tema, Togo, Cote D’lvoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal, especially in Chana you can choose six axles semi trailer.



Which country has been export to?

30m3 to 36m3

3 axles* FUWA 13Ton

Vietnam, Myanmar, South -America (Chile), Zimbabwe
SriLanka, Cameroon, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania


3 axles * FUWA 16Ton

Pakistan, Ghana, Mozambique


3 axles * FUWA13Ton

Philippine, Ethopia, Algeria, Nigeria, Madagascar


4 axles * FUWA 13Ton

Malaysia, Namibiya, Ghana, Sierral Leone, Cote D'lvoire


Product description

Now I gave you some information: There are 43 cubic meters to 45 m3 bulk carrier tanker trailer with 3 axles in Philippine. The bulk carrier equipped with 12m3 compressor and Diesel Engine The CIF Manila price is around 18500 USD to 22000USD according to different brands spare parts .

There are 35 to 36m3 bulk cement tanker semi-trailer equipped with 3 axles  will be more popular in Myanmar.

In Malaysia, the Cement Powder transporter often choose four axles 48m3 cement tanker semi trailer, to be remember is the axles distance maybe 1360mm, and the trailer totally height can not more than 4.1m.

For Pakistan, It seems no more limit, they can use three axels 55 to 60 cubic meters bulk cement powder transport semi trailer working on the national road.

In mostly Africa countries they choose 3-axles 40 cubic meters cement tanker trailer to loading for bulk cement powder, such as Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe.

In Algeria, we should trade as L/C, also they use three axles trailers. Trailer truck Loading capacity is round 50tons.

To know more other information of trailers pls send me email:

Main Configurations of the bulk cement powder carrier   

Tank Body  


Optional ( One Silo with V type or Two,Three Silos Design)


12000mm*2490mm*3990mm ( Exact size depends on the final design)

Tare weight

About 7500KGS-15000KGS

Total Volume (m3)

25m³-68 m³

Tanker Body Material

5mm or 6mm / Q235 carbon steel 

End Plate

5mm or 6mm / Q235 carbon steel  

Diesel Engine

WEICHAI, Tianhe 4100 / 4102 or other brand


BOHAI 10m³ / 12 m³or other brand

Manhole Cover

Carbon steel or Aluminum∮500mm

Discharging Valve

Diameter is 3 or 4 inch (Material: Aluminum)

Discharging Pipe

3 or 4 inch rubber hose, 1pcs, 6m / each

Cat Walk

With (Common model or special design)


Main Beams

Welding Design, Q345 carbon steel


2 or 3 axles, 12T/13T/16T, BPW/FUWA / GV brand

Landing Gear


King Pin

JOST 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin 


Mechanical suspension / Germany or America type / Air Suspension

Leaf Spring

90 (W) mm*13 (Thickness) mm*10 Layer or 100mm*12mm*12

Pneumatic Braking System

6 relay valves, T30 / 30+T30 Spring brake chamber; 45L air tanks.


9.00-22.5 / 8.00-20 / 8.5-20  China Brand


12.00R22.5 / 315 80R22.5 / 11.00R20 / 12.00R20  Brand is Optional




Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint


One standard tool box 

Shipping Terms

By Bulk Cargo, RORO


Spare Parts Show

Production line



Last Process: put the trailer body into the steaming room to drying, to make the surface very smootly and painting touch the trailer firmly till 5 years.

How we can shipping the bulk cement powder carrier tanker trailer to outside China ?

Firstly, the tanker capacity less than 45cubic meters, then the tanker trailer length can less than 12meters, so we can put the trailer on the flat rack containers like the following picture.


For some far place, such as chile port, we can choose bus-deck container.

Secondly, the much biger tanker’s length more than 12 meters, we can choose bulk cargo or roro ship, we use one tractor head put the tanker trailer on the ship directly.


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