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Before you import a semi-trailer or a Truck from China, you should notice that.

Before you import a semi-trailer or a Truck from China, you should notice that.


1. Which brand should I choose if I want to buy trailer and truck from China?

First you should check which brand of this truck or trailer have you been imported in your country?And then check if your country have the spare parts dealer. If not spare part dealer you should buy some easy-going spare parts with the truck or trailer together. Or its better you found a good supplier to be an sales agent, store some spare parts sell to other transport company.

2. which trailer factory is better in China? HOW About CIMC container trailers? 

I think CIMC skeleton semi-trailer Shenzhen Factory is best in China. Their CIMC container trailer can be export to America market, but the price also is the highest in China market. You can try to Genron Trailer, Our trailer quality same as other CIMC branch trailer company. We produce more than 5000units each year, we have produce trailers more than 15 years, export to 15 countries also. We also have our own spare parts factory, so we can save a lot of cost on spare parts, so our trailer price is much more competitive. 

If you buy the semi trailer from china, no matter it is CIMC Shenzhen brand or Genron Vehicle brand, you only to ask the axles is America type or Germany type? All the America type axles and matched other parts are same in China. Mostly are America type axles and steel suspensions. The Germany type is more heavy than American type, The America type trailer and truck and spare parts was export to Africa and South Asia too much in past 15 years from China. So Mostly 80% new truck and trailer was from China market now .

3. In Mostly Africa countries and Myanmar country, To build a house or Super Market building, or Office building, they like choose bag cement for construction, so the side wall semi-trailer and stake/fence semi-trailer will be more popular in these place. They delivery 40 to 60 tons bag cements by the semi-trailer. It was rarely choose the Bulk Cement Powder tanker transporter trailer, because mostly building not like China high building so high, no need so much Bulk cement or sands. Mostly they use many dumping truck to delivery sands and cement also for construct roading, rails ways, and hospital, sea port .In china, the transport company will be choose bulk cement tanker to transport bulk cement powder, because everywhere are high building, and many construction plant, Chinese people to building a 30 floors building only Max. half-year will be finished. So rarely man power is best in China.

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