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13 m Drop Side Semi Trailer with 600 mm side wall

13 m Drop Side Semi Trailer with 600 mm side wall
1 Piece
T/T ,L/C
Delivery Time:
20 Days
Start Port:
Qingdao Port

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The Drawing of the drop side semi trailer

13 m Drop Side Semi Trailer with 600 mm side wall 

The Configuration table

Tare Weight

About 7.6T



Loading Capacity (T)

60 T     


13 T/16T, FUWA /BPW /Huajing Brand


9.00-22.5    9.75-22.5special for export market


12.00R22.5/ 315 80R22.5  special for export market


Mechanical suspension (Germany Type or   America Type)

Or Air suspension (China brand or BPW   brand ) special for   export market

Spring leaf

90(W)mm*13(Thickness)mm*10   Layer or 100mm*12mm*12

special for export market

King pin

JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch bolts type or   Welding type

Support leg

JOST brand D200T or China brand 28Tons   (Double speed)

Main beam

Height: 500mm, upper plate is 14mm,   middle plate is 8mm,

Down plate is 16mm; Material is Q345B Steel.

Side beam

16mm or 18mm channel steel (Material is Q235steel).

Bottom Platform

3mm diamond steel plate

Side Wall

600mm-1500mm   or can be do box type ,for choose

Brake chamber

WABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamberTKL brandOne piece of 45L air tanks



Twist Locks

Four ,Eight or Twelve pieces (Lifting   type or Twist Screw Type)  ,optional


WABCO valve


LED light special for export market  




7 ways (7 wire harness)

Tool box

One piece, 1m×0.5m×0.5m (Size can be choose freely)(equipped   with 1 unit Tire spanner,1 unit gudgeon sleeve and 1 unit cranking bar)


Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean   rust, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint

Shipping Terms:

By bulk cargo carrier, RORO or 40HQ   container.

Product Details 

The Featrues of the drop side semi trailer

1.SIDE WALL SEMI TRAILER –Delivery for 40FT or 20FT containers and groceries, bags, etc.

2. The semi-trailer with breast board structure is the loading part of the semi-trailer. It is widely used in medium 

and long-distance transportation of medium and heavy and bulk goods. According to the special requirements of 

customers, our company can also add container lock or detachable column for container (40 feet and 20 feet) transportation 

or timber transportation. It has become the first choice of medium and long-distance freight vehicles.

3. The frame of this series semi-trailer is of beam through structure, and the longitudinal beam is of straight type or gooseneck type. 

The height of web plate is 450 mm to 550 mm, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged welding, the frame is 

shot peened, and the beam is penetrated into the longitudinal beam and welded as a whole.

4. Suspension system: new air suspension, American or German mechanical suspension system, with high strength and strong impact 

resistance; the load of each axle is balanced, and the angle of system pull rod is reasonably designed. In the process of frequent bumps, 

the friction and slip distance between the tire and the ground can be reduced, and the tire wear can be effectively reduced. 

At the same time, the pull rod can be adjusted, and the wheelbase can be adjusted to effectively avoid the eccentric running in of the tire 

Gnawing wheel phenomenon

5. It can be designed separately according to the different needs of customers, or tell us that the medium of the goods you carry is different. 

We will design the corresponding model for you to meet the personalized needs of customers

6. Transportation: because the breast board can be made of disassembly type, if the height of the breast board is less than 80cm,

 the transportation mode can refer to the mode of 40 foot container transport and trailer, and bulk carrier or container transportation 

can be selected.

The Factory Workshop

Our Service

1.Before Sale Service


We will gave you the matched product details configuration and drawing according to your market ,

show you the best-selling model pictures and reasonable best price.

Reception & Accompany   

After you accepted the offer price we have made to your company have the pre-interview ,you can come to 

visit our office and then go to visit factory ,we will arrange your everything in China. Or if you not sure which model of

 trailer or other product you should chose ,we can arrange our professional technical checking your market together with you.  

2.After Sale Service

We have our own technical team, we will gave you repaired method within 12 hours through calling or email. We can go to 

visit you gave you technical guide after or before you buy ‘Genron’ products.

We will post to you all spare parts for free within guarantee period after the spare parts were out of work which are under

 normal operation.

We can go to your place to teach your team how to operate the trailer or our machines .

Electrophoretic spray painting

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