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1. Why do you choose Genron?

1. Why do you choose Genron?


● 15 years overseas experience:

As our more than 15 years overseas produce and exporting business experience focus on the trailer, trailer parts and truck filed, We used nine years visited On Ghana, Burkinafaso, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, LAOS, Mayanmar, Algeria, Dubai.   

● Mirror Trading:

We will gave you the best price and quality product. Because we hope our cooperation like mirror, Customer as mirror, one side is factory, inside is Genron, We Minimize all loses that may arise from the producers. We respond to the demands and requirements of the companies, we work with in the most effective way and as soon as possible.

● Professional Technical Team:  

The strong advantage of Genron compare with other trading company and company is we have our own professional design team: One engineer Mr.Fanming Bu (working for CIMC company five years, design trailer and production line six years), Five technical person: Mr.Wenming Zhao(design tanker trailer for 11 years), Mr. Xianzhen Zhao(design welding machinery four years), Mr.Haifeng Liu(design trailer axles four years). Mr.Zuoliang Yang ( design tipper trailer six years). Mr.Jihe Cao(Design tanker trailer five years).

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